Friday, March 8, 2013

Plummeting Google Ranking

In an attempt to boost my google ranking, I've been tinkering with my main website - - plus I've created a secondary website called

On the new site I've kept it very simple so that the page load should be minimal.  I've added Facebook and google+ like buttons and linked back to my main site.  The content is worded differently from my main site, still talking about web design and development, but should be viewed as fresh content by google.

On my main site I've also added Facebook and Google+ like buttons, plus I've optimised the titles on every page to be unique and around 64 characters, changed the keywords to match the page (even though it seems that google doesn't read keywords anymore) and changed the descriptions to match the page contents and be unique.

My hope is that my Google ranking will gradually start creeping up.  I used to be on page 1 in 8th position for the search 'web design northern beaches' but currently I'm on page 3 in position 5!!  Hideous!!

+Sue Smiles

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'd forgotten I had this blog site!!

Haha.  Google provides Blogger for free.  I'd forgotten that I'd set this up in 2007 and added a few posts. So now I have and this one. Time to resurrect it and put it to good use.

+Sue Smiles